Crimson Bear Ltd t/a Heating Style


Who’d have believed radiators could be hot and cool at the same time?

Heating Style, that’s who.


Crimson Bear are a rapidly expanding, fresh, young company started by Andrew Smith and Paul Johnson. They sell designer radiators and electrical heating products from Accuro Korle,  Terma, Carisa and several other quality manufacturers. These guys boast over 50 years’ experience in the sector between them, so if anyone knows anything about radiators, it’s them.


The first radiator wasn’t actually used for central heating, but for hatching chicken eggs!


This caused a leap forward in food production, because it allowed us to eat more chicken – hello KFC! However, many years later, radiator design has reached a high level of sophistication. Now, Crimson Bear bring us effortlessly cool radiators giving any home a stylish warmth.


Radiators are an interior essential, but more often than not, they are overlooked as decorative items. The right design can transform a radiator, making them a feature in their own right. Heating Style have done just that. Their unique and stylish range are hand-crafted to a superior standard of excellence. The contemporary design makes each radiator a work of art. They’re extremely energy efficient and durable while still being easy on the eye. A perfect example of form meeting function.


Crimson Bear are a growing enterprise with even more interesting projects in the pipeline.





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