DEBORAH OGDEN How we helped a personal impact specialist get her business to double year on year

“Not Just Numbers have the ability to connect and get ‘under the skin’ of your business from the word go.”

Deborah Ogden is a reputation enhancer. She’s the specialist consultant for people who want to maximise their personal impact in work and personal life. It’s all about your personal brand and how it impacts your relationships, therefore leading to happier clients and more profitable work. Deborah’s continued success called for an accountant that did more than year end accounts, she wanted a partnership.

“It really is ‘Not Just Numbers’.”

We set to work on Deborah’s financial systems, creating automated processes and using Xero and it’s add-ons to streamline her accounts. Now, Deborah logs on daily to get a snapshot of her business, helping her make decisions on new business, which events to run and which clients are most profitable.

Deborah says “The time saved is remarkable, but for me it’s the understanding and manageability of the system that has changed my attitude to finance.”

“With the support of Debbie and the team over the last four years I’ve seen the business double year on year.”

Working with Deborah is a total delight, our meetings are full of ideas and inspiration. We set targets that challenge her, but with a clear plan of how to achieve them. We’re over the moon that Deborah’s turnover has doubled year on year after working with us.

Not Just Numbers is about where your business is going, much more than where last years numbers are at. We like be a real partner in your business, illustrated by Deborah’s closing comment “Debbie is one of the key people in my ‘inner circle’. Never has a company been more aptly named!”