Multiplying the opportunities for expansion

How we helped a luxury camping business produce a detailed 7 year forecast for funding. Now they’re on the road to a bigger and better business.

Adding effective meetings to understand where your profit is.

How we helped a tailor measure his own profit centres and make more money. Profiling their customers enabled better marketing.

Dividing and diversifying for growth.

How we helped a family farming business diversify and launch two further businesses, leading to an account with the Indian Royal Family and an award for Young Director of the Year Runner Up from the IOD.

Subtracting the pain from growth

How we helped a branding agency streamline all their systems, grow their team and increase profits by 150%.

Adding effective systems to streamline accounts.

How we helped a personal impact specialist get her business to double year on year, now she is able to make decisions on new business, which events to run and which clients are most profitable.

Introducing Not Just an FD.
Your outsourced Financial Strategist.

Has your business grown to the point of needing more in-house financial strategy and support? You know you need a Finance Director, but are not quite ready to make that commitment?
Not Just an FD provides the perfect solution –  an outsourced Finance Director to provide guidance, advice, planning, forecasting and accountability.