Deborah Ogden

How we helped a personal impact specialist get her business to double year on year

“She has an ability to connect and get ‘under the skin’ of the business from the word go.”

Working with people on a day to day basis developing their personal brand and reputation I always stress the importance of relationships and building rapport so that you leave people wanting to do business with you. That is what Debbie does. Her commitment to her clients and support are illustrated by her absolute delight in sharing the small successes along the way – hitting budgets, new contracts and clients are all greeted with as much joy as if they were her own personal achievements.

“It really is ‘Not Just Numbers’.”

I come away from our regular meetings buzzing with ideas and inspiration. Together we set targets that challenge but I know exactly how I am going to achieve them. If I have a moment of doubt, I know she is there, right behind me, reminding me I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

Xero and all the add on apps have changed my mindset around accounts. Rather than it being the ‘part of the job’ I used to avoid, I now log on to Xero daily and get a snapshot of my business. The time saved is remarkable, but for me it’s the understanding and manageability of the system that has changed my attitude to finance.

“With the support of Debbie and the team over the last four years I’ve seen the business double year on year.”

Beyond accounts, Debbie is a brilliant networker -and is generous with her ‘little black book’ always spotting opportunities to connect people where there is potential to work together or collaborate. The regular networking events Not Just Numbers host for their clients and contacts are testimony to the strength of her network. Always well attended with interesting guests and expert speakers that welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge with her circle.

I was told early on in my business to surround myself with top quality people who would support and challenge me. Debbie is one of the key people in my ‘inner circle’. Never has a company been more aptly named!


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