Working with Not Just Numbers saves us a lot of time and a significant amount of money.

“I knew I needed an accountant who offered more than just bookkeeping services.”

Huddersfield-based SaaS business Katchr works with law firms across the UK to help them improve their management information. ‘I launched Katchr with just two people and looked after the finances myself for almost five years,’ explains company founder and CEO Graham Moore. ‘But with a team that had grown to 14 people and a business that was thriving, it became clear I had to look at cloud accounting and a better software package.’

Graham brought a bookkeeper on board, yet after a year felt he needed more support. ‘It just wasn’t working out and we weren’t getting real value,’ he admits. ‘Our accountant was only really there to help us once or twice a year, and they didn’t provide the business advice we needed from an outsourced finance function. It was time to look elsewhere.’

“Not Just Numbers’ approach to helping businesses grow really resonated with me.”

Graham found Not Just Numbers online: ‘As a software professional, I’d done my research and decided Xero was the right tool for Katchr. My next step was to find a company who advertised their Xero knowledge and, I’ll be honest, there were a few to choose from! But one company really stood out, and that was Not Just Numbers.’

‘It was the quality of Not Just Numbers’ messaging and their ethos that really struck me,’ continues Graham. ‘Their website spoke about advising business owners and how they’d help us to improve the way we worked, not just calculate our figures. That pretty much sealed the deal, and I’ve been with Not Just Numbers ever since.’

“I’m software-savvy, and Debbie knew just which packages were right for my business.’”

With a business built on software expertise, Graham admits his expectations around Xero were high – and Not Just Numbers didn’t disappoint. ‘From the moment I first spoke with Debbie it was clear she was a real tech advocate,’ says Graham. ‘She was quick to grasp what I was looking for and introduced automated ways of working that ticked the tech boxes straight away.’

Debbie and the team introduced Graham to Dext (then known as Receipt Bank) to help automate his team’s expenses. ‘Debbie told me about Dext in the first ever chat we had, and it’s one of the things that convinced me to bring her team on board,’ Graham explains.

‘Dext has become a really important tool for us, moving me away from piles of paper and endless filing, recording and communicating with our bookkeeper. Instead Dext, combined with Tripcatcher as part of our wider Xero package, is ideal to automate every expense for a business of Katchr’s size. It takes away so much hassle.’

Not Just Numbers also took on forecasting for Katchr. ‘I’d always tried to forecast cashflow to keep on top of what was happening in my business,’ says Graham. ‘But I did that through a lot of complicated spreadsheets that were prone to error. We didn’t have a tech solution like the one we give our customers, until Debbie introduced the forecasting software Futrli. She then took on forecasting for Katchr using Futrli as a tool. It’s massively simplified my life and immediately gave me multiple hours of time back every single week.’

“The length of time I’ve been with Not Just Numbers is testament to how brilliant they are”

‘I’d absolutely recommend working with Debbie and the Not Just Numbers team,’ Graham says. ‘And I always sing their praises to anyone looking for finance support beyond a traditional accountancy firm.’

‘I meet with Debbie once a quarter and review our numbers. But I get so much more for that time than just facts and figures. Debbie goes through every part of my business and gives me a completely fresh perspective on the way I’m working. As a sole business owner, that’s invaluable.’


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