Stuart Barker

How we helped a cyber-security specialist automate their accounts, understand their numbers and ultimately sell and exit the business.

“Not Just Numbers gave me clear visibility of my numbers to help me make the right business decisions.”

I began working with Not Just Numbers when I was running my cyber security consultancy. I had a couple of members of staff, and felt business-savvy, but had no real visibility of my numbers.

I’d been working with another accountant, who was using Sage accounting software. To keep our accounts updated, my employees and I needed to manually update information and send Excel files across to the accountancy practice, alongside other time-consuming tasks.

With complicated systems and a difficult approach, I was struggling to fully understand my business. It wasn’t clear when my VAT return was due, what my corporate liability was, or even whether I was up to date on invoicing. I knew this way of working was unsustainable if I wanted my business to succeed and grow.

“Not Just Numbers’ demonstration of Xero showed me that they were incredibly knowledgeable.”

I asked for recommendations for an accountant, and my request was picked up by a women’s networking event that Debbie attended. She came highly recommended, so we were put in touch.

I liked Debbie immediately. The first thing she did when we met was explain the benefits of using Xero and show me how it works. I must confess I’d not heard of the software before. However, it was evident that Debbie’s thorough approach and Xero expertise could offer the full visibility of my numbers that I needed.

Debbie showed me how to access both simple overviews and more detailed analyses of my business’ numbers using software that was easy to navigate. With the Xero system, I now had a clear view of my invoices, VAT liabilities and taxes with an ability to plan ahead. (I’d previously been discovering bills I needed to pay in December, which should have been visible to me much sooner than that!)

Not Just Numbers also introduced me to productivity tools that are part of the Xero software, which were invaluable. Trip Catcher was ideal for logging my business travel, and Receipt Bank eliminated the need for numerous receipts and expense slips. These may seem small wins. Yet these systems saved me a lot of time, hassle and grief, as well as increasing my overall business knowledge that led to making crucial decisions.

“With the guidance of Not Just Numbers, I was able to achieve the business exit I’d hoped for.”

Not Just Numbers’ support went far beyond simply showing me my numbers and leaving me to figure them out. They spent time helping me to understand them, see where I was spending money and highlighting areas of concern. With a clear view of my costs, I could get a handle on the billable time I was spending and set my sights on my next steps.

Not Just Numbers continued to work with me through to the ultimate sale and exit of my business. I can’t see how that would’ve been possible to achieve without Not Just Numbers’ help and guidance. Their support and advice meant that I knew my numbers inside out, so could answer every key question in meetings with potential buyers. They couldn’t trip me up!

I’m starting a new venture and, when the time comes, I won’t hesitate to get Not Just Numbers involved. I know without doubt that they are the right people to guide me through.

“Debbie’s company name is apt: her team really provide so much more than just the numbers.”

The community spirit and focus on people is what I really love about Not Just Numbers. Debbie’s support was so much more than just accountancy. We’d meet up each month and go through every detail of my business, as well as having a catch-up and a good laugh. It really helped to have a strong working relationship built on friendship and trust.

I’ve run a couple of different businesses, so it’s clear to me how every company and every person is different. This is something Not Just Numbers truly understands. I do a great deal of work in the community around mental health and wellbeing, and it’s been crucial for me to know that Not Just Numbers shares my strong ethics and values.

I have huge respect for Debbie, her team and her work. I feel extremely comfortable recommending Not Just Numbers to other businesses; I have no doubt they’ll look after them just as well as they have taken care of me.

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