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The biggest thing for me is the understanding Debbie brings to my numbers.
That’s why I’ll always work with her.

“Debbie helped me learn how to use software in a way that made sense for my business.”

David Riley, Founder and Director of cyber security and compliance company Vorago Security Limited, first began working with Debbie when Not Just Numbers provided accountancy services to his former employer. ‘When the owner made plans to exit, I decided I wanted to carry on doing similar work and launch my own organisation,’ he explains. ‘I wasn’t involved with business finances at that point, but I knew Debbie was great at what she did. Building on that existing relationship and appointing Not Just Numbers as the accountant for Vorago Security was a no-brainer.’

Not Just Numbers began by setting up a new business software package Dave knew and understood. ‘Debbie and her team were so helpful and knowledgeable, which was just what I needed starting out alone. Over a five year period, as my team grew, I built up more and more services and took on more packages. Now, Debbie handles my business’ full management accounts alongside monthly advisory and support services.’

“Not Just Numbers take care of everything so they can provide the best possible all-round advice.”

‘Vorago Security has grown hugely and now has complementary businesses,’ says Dave. ‘It makes sense for Debbie to look after them all. Not only is it much easier for me to manage, it’s useful for Debbie to have sight of all facts and figures so we can move money across the businesses in the best way.’

‘Of course, as the company grew significantly, there became more moving parts,’ Dave adds. ‘Naturally, I needed more support, and Not Just Numbers can take all that on – looking after everything from payroll to pensions. Plus, there was no need for me to source support from someone new as the business grew. Everything was set up and ready to go.’

“The time Debbie spends with me gives me the business visibility I need to grow.”

For Dave, understanding the financial details of Vorago Security was crucial as he grew his company. Debbie spent time teaching him how to make sense of Xero reporting software. ‘Understanding cash flow and tax was the biggest learning curve for me as a business owner: just because there’s money in the bank doesn’t mean it’s mine!’ Dave smiles. ‘But Debbie gave me that invaluable visibility so I knew what I needed to be looking at.’

As well as added clarity from his software, the Not Just Numbers team give Dave monthly cash balance reports. ‘I run these reports every month to see what I can afford,’ he explains. ‘This shows me the different money pots and tax costs in different accounts for cross-business visibility. Debbie also presents these reports to me in person, so it’s clear not only where I’m at but also what I need to achieve. That way, I can confidently plan my next steps.’

“Every business I build will be looked after by Not Just Numbers.”

‘Whether you’re starting out and getting to grips with basic software or growing an existing business, I recommend you speak to Not Just Numbers,’ praises Dave. ‘I’ve worked with Debbie at every stage of building a business and she’s always helping me look at what’s next. That way, I understand where I’m heading, what my cash flow looks like and when I can make my next hires.’

‘Not Just Numbers are incredible and Debbie is a phenomenal accountant. If she ever retires I’m not sure what I’ll do!’


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