Do people actually know what you do?

How often do you talk about business with siblings, uncles, aunties, partners and best friends?

This was one of the questions posed in our third Not Just Networking event.

These events have been designed to give something back to our clients and colleagues, a place to catch up with friends and meet new contacts in an informal and friendly environment. Each event is hosted by one person and provides over an hour of learning and development, a time to sit and question your business and your life.

Our third event was hosted by the infamous shirt cladded Paul Dodd from ALLGOOD. The event was our biggest yet with over 40 people in the room creating a great atmosphere. The talk was entitled ‘The Chaos Theory of Word-of-Mouth Marketing’ and it was a whirlwind of stories, inspiring anecdotes and advice on growing your business through your existing contacts, and becoming known for the one thing you want to be known for.

Check out a video of the event here:

The event was received amazingly well by everybody there, with some great comments afterwards:

  • Chaos of Word of Mouth #Marketing by @PaulAllgood. Authentic, informative & fun!
  • Such an inspiring talk by @PaulAllgood about branding and word of mouth marketing.
  • I got loads of ideas from it and I found it really enjoyable.


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