Helping You Access Funding to Grow Your Business

With Xero and our approach to systems, you have instant access to detailed management reports. These can be utilised to help you get access to funding when you need it.

We believe a great accountant should act like an outsourced FD of your business. In a large corporation, the boss can rely on their FD to run reports and help provide expert financial advice. In a small business you’re expected to make all those decisions yourself, without any formal training.

Just in at the deep end, sink or swim.

When your business is facing growth challenges, access to funding is vital to help move forward to the next stage.

Whether it’s a large new order, short term credit or new equipment, we can help you make a case for funding. We are always here to discuss how your business is performing, what targets you need to hit and how to make it grow.

Getting access to funding isn’t easy, but working with Not Just Numbers means you have the data you need to secure that all important cash injection. Your lender or investor will want detailed accounts, management reports and financial forecasts to help make a decision on your business. We’ll sit down and plan out the best approach to secure the money you need.

We recently helped a client who imports goods to create a detailed funding application for £200,000, within 2 months they had their money. They’ve just been listed on B&Q’s website and are projecting massive growth this year. 

If you’d like to discuss our funding support, get in touch by email or call us on 0113 385 4656.


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