How to get the most out of Xero

Here at Not Just Numbers not many things get us quite as excited as when we discover yet another wonderful feature of the Xero accounting software (yep, we are loud and proud accounting systems geeks!).

Xero is a brilliantly powerful tool that will enable you to completely transform your accounts and book-keeping – especially when you know the secrets to using it to its full potential! So we have put together our favourite tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Xero account.

Bank Rules – save time when entering information by setting up bank rules.

Inventory Items – speed up creating sales invoices and entering purchase invoices. Run a report and check margins, prices and stock levels.

Customise Reports – create your own reports to allow you to manage the business more effectively.

Recurring Invoices – set up invoices to be created automatically for you.

Search for contacts when entering transactions – use Xero’s contact search when entering transactions. Enter at least 3 key letters of the contact. You can also search for the primary contact of the company.

Copy an Invoice – Accounts Menu > Sales > Invoices > Checkbox of the invoices you would like > Click copy to > Enter the contact name you are creating it for > Copy/Copy & Merge > Save

View Multiple Pages – to open a link in a new tab, right click on a link that is blue. This is useful when, for example, checking invoices against bank transactions.

Use Payment References – to make payments easier, you can enter the check/transaction number. This will make it easier to reconcile.

How to unreconcile – Accounts Menu > Bank Accounts > Select the bank account with the transaction you are looking for > Click the chosen transaction > Options > Unreconcile > OK

View Multiple Organisations – if you need to access more than one Xero organisation at once, you will need to open each one in a different browser.
e.g. One organisation in Chrome and another in Safari.

Delete an Account transaction – Accounts menu > Bank Accounts > Select the bank account with the transaction you would like to delete > Select the tick box next to the transaction > Remove & Redo > Yes

Files – Xero can be used like a filing cabinet, store documents and organise the businesses information.

Email Templates – create your own email template to send out statements, quotes and invoices.

Discuss or leave notes – when reconciling you have 4 tabs; Match, Create, Transfer and Discuss. Choosing discuss will allow you to leave a message for other users to see (e.g. Missing invoice).

Notifications – all users have access to notifications about the status of bank feeds, changes and new Xero features and Xero subscription payments.

Add new items – this enables you to add new sales, purchase invoices or contacts without clicking through several other pages.

Add last item – useful when entering more than one purchase invoice from the same contact.

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