Slow Down

The next in our series of guest blogs is written by inspiring business coach, Tim Downes. Tim is an expert in helping businesses and individuals realise their true potential, and shares some powerful thoughts on slowing the pace of your hectic lifestyle in this weeks NJN blog…

When we race around like a rat in a wheel going faster and faster we seem to make little real progress. Life feels full of stressful striving and struggling. We loose sight of the fact that even if we win the rat race we are still a rat.

When I think of animals and races it reminds me of the wisdom of slow down that’s within the story of the tortoise and the hare. The slow, patient and aware tortoise crossed the line first.

Imagine slowing our stressful energy down and connecting with a more positive energy. Imagine a life in flow where you live more often in the present moment. A life where you let go of worry about past mistakes and striving for a better future. Where you create what you want right now. Imagine being in a peaceful place of love, creativity and true happiness. Life is about choice. You create the life that you want. You create your Self.

I keep playing Karma Man by David Bowie at the moment. It feels like I’m on a mission to hypnotise myself to slow down. To be in the moment and keep it simple.

“Slow down
Slow down
It’s pictured on the arms of the karma man
Karma man tattooed on your side
The wheel of life
I see my times and who I’ve been
I only live now and I don’t know why”

This Century many people are so driven and on fire that they are stressed and burnt out. Many are drained of energy and on the downward spiral path of depression.

When we slow down we connect with a deep awareness. We notice those opportunities and possibilities that are like snowflakes on the path of life (as British Olympic Coach Frank Dick used to share). Awareness and our feelings point us in the direction of real truth. We know how to be and what to do right now. We take heartfelt right action and we do it now. 

I love what Steve Chandler shares about the true value of slow down…

“You’ll lead (and live) better if you slow down. You’ll get more done too. It doesn’t seem like it would be true. It doesn’t seem like slowing down would get that much more done. But it does. Every day you do it you will get more done. The most important element of slowing down is to know that you’re always working on the right thing to be working on at any given time. If I am on the wrong road, it doesn’t matter how good I get at speeding down the road. It’s still the wrong road. So all day it helps to tell myself to say slow down.”

Steve believes in slowing down and taking positive action now. He believes that the courage and confidence comes AFTER action. What a powerfully liberating belief.

Slow down, lighten and keep it simple are my present focus. 

What are you going to do to slow down and become more truly aware?

What positive present focused action are you going to take to create a more enjoyable life right now?


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