Our Top 4 Apps from the Digital Accountancy Show

It’s been over a month now since the whole NJN team took a full day out to visit the Digital Accountancy Show and what a day it was! Starting with a VERY early train to London and the fabulous £1bn Tottenham Hotspur stadium, (plus being duly checked for vaccines and negative lateral flow tests), we were all set and ready to see what the future of accountancy looked like.

It was a packed schedule with talks by accountants, software vendors and industry experts. Safe to say though, the team had a blast, and we are back with some amazing new tips and apps to show you.

Starting off with Our Top 4 Apps that we think could help you save time and streamline your businesses.

1)     Modular

First up is Modulr. Say goodbye to slow, unreliable and error prone contractor and employee payments. Modulr provides a flexible platform that makes payroll simple. With this new app you can cut your payroll process from hours to seconds. Stop spending hours manually paying your staff or contractors, with Modulr you can automate the whole process triggering payments automatically. It could be a game-changer for some of our clients, saving hours or even days on payroll. Imagine what you could do with that extra time?!

You can take a look at all the features here:

2)     Arex

This app is a completely new type of invoice factoring. Arex is on a mission to drive the cost of financing down, providing a new seamlessly embedded invoice finance service. You can get paid the day your invoice is raised.

If you’ve got extended payment terms or your customers are notorious for paying late, you can unlock some of the £23bn (!) in unpaid invoices crippling SMEs in the UK.

Unlike their competitors, Arex are not a bank or backed by a bank. The software trades your invoices as Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs), as a result you benefit from competitively priced and flexible invoice factoring.

You can find out more here:

If you’d like to implement this new software, give us a call on 0113 385 4656

3)     Simpro

This app is for all those in the field service and trade contracting industries.

Introducing Simpro, a streamlined end-to-end Field Service Management software. Still relying on pieces of paper, whiteboards and spreadsheets? Fed up of entering data manually into different systems? Break free of that mountain of paper and breathe easy knowing that all your job and project management processes are stored on one cloud based software.

How good does that sound?

You can take a look at all the features here:

4)     Pleo

Last but not least, the final app we learned about at the Digital Accountancy Show. It’s all about smarter spending for your business.

Say goodbye to endless receipt hunting, tedious paperwork, expense reports, and petty cash. Pleo offers smart company cards that automate expense reports and simplify your company spending.

Cut out the tiring, time-wasting admin and empower your employees to buy the things they need, so they focus on what really matters. Staying in control too, by issuing company cards and seeing all expenses in one place, in real-time. Easy to manage and easy to track. And bonus, you can integrate Pleo with your existing accounting tools. Win-Win!

To read more about the benefits of Pleo, check out the link below:


We had such a great time at the Digital Show and have so much more to share. If you are interested in hearing more of Debbie’s reflection of the day then see our previous blog post- https://www.notjustnumbersltd.co.uk/blog/the-digital-accountant/


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