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It’s time to discover the less taxing way to manage your business miles.

We live in a world where the smart phones in our pockets know everything about us.
They know what music we listen to, how much we spend, who we speak to, and exactly where we go.
It’s time to start taking advantage of this fantastic source of information and use it to benefit our businesses. Enter Tripcatcher.

Tripcatcher is another fantastic Xero add-on which allows you to effortlessly capture your business miles. With a few clicks of it’s beautifully simple interface you can be logging in your business mileage on-the-go from your phone, or in the office from your computer.

Tripcatcher uses Google maps to accurately calculate your journey distance, and automatically works out the VAT you can claim on the trip. It will then calculate your expense claim using approved mileage rates (keeping HMRC nice and happy), and publish them straight to Xero and Receipt Bank. It’s so wonderfully seamless that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using it sooner.

The team over at Tripcatcher know exactly how to make mileage tracking the easiest it can possibly be, so they have added a tonne of great features to create a fantastic user experience – from enabling you to save ‘Favourite journey’s’ for later use, to allowing you to bulk input reoccurring trips. Tripcatcher really will save you time, money, and plenty of stress!

With a free 14-day trial, and then only £1.49 a month there really is no good excuse not to give it a go – we promise that you’ll never go back.

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