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Do you have a pile of unprocessed receipts, bills and invoices sitting in your top drawer? Thought so.

There are many competitors for the title of ‘Most Tedious Item On Your To-Do List’, but keeping your books up to date has to take the top spot.

The pile of loose paper and stray receipts seems to be bottomless, and the task to process them all always seems to end up as ‘tomorrow’s’ job.

This is where Receipt Bank steps in. The award-winning Xero add-on is ready and raring to revolutionise the way that you process your books. You’ll never look back.

Receipt Bank removes the burden that bills, receipts and invoices place on businesses by extracting the key information for you – all you have to do is take a quick photo of them on your smart phone. Say goodbye to hours of manual data entry!

Receipt Bank can then publish the data straight to your accounting software, create automated expense reports or can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Their monthly plan gives you 24/7 access to Receipt Banks fantastic data entry features on your desktop, laptop and mobile, with secure and safe online storage of everything that you input.

As Silver Partners of Receipt Bank, we are in a fantastic position to offer specialist advice to help you get started transforming the way that you input your bills and receipts.

If you are interested to hear more about the benefits of this fantastic Xero add-on give us a call on 0113 385 4656 or drop us an email at


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