The Self Assessment deadline is coming soon!

Sainsbury’s has stocked it’s shelves with mince pies, grandma’s knitted sweaters are making their annual comeback and John Lewis has released yet another heart-warming TV spot.

This can only mean one thing: Christmas is only around the corner.

Every year the HMRC release figures of the number of people who submit their self-assessments between Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and last year it clocked in at 23,059 people!

As much as we love tax, we can think of better things to be doing on Christmas Day. The January 31st 2016 deadline is fast approaching, and Not Just Numbers clients can sip mulled wine safe in the knowledge that we’ve got everything in order.

If you are a company director, are self-employed or you have over £2,500 in untaxed income you are required to submit and pay your Self Assessment tax return by the end of January. A nasty penalty of at least £100 will be waiting for you if you miss this deadline – not a very nice way to welcome in the New Year!

Click here to check if you need to fill in a Self Assessment tax return.

Over the next few weeks, all Not Just Numbers clients will receive a “Self Assessment Checklist” to help make sure everything is sent off to the HMRC well before the deadline, leaving you plenty of time to put your feet up and enjoy the latest Eastenders Christmas Special in peace (or not!). All you’ll have to do is complete the checklist and return it as soon as possible, then NJN will do the rest for you!

For more information on help with your Self Assessment tax return submission, get in touch by email at, or call us on 0113 385 4656.


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