ALLGOOD win a fantastic new account with a show-stopping pitch.


We love to hear success stories from our clients, especially when they’re bold, brilliant and a little bit bonkers…
That’s exactly what we expect from ALLGOOD.

They always wow us with their wonderful ideas and creativity, and this time they showed us how to think differently and win a pitch in a remarkable way.







The Perfect Pitch

The Broadway is a vibrant new retail centre in the heart of Bradford which opened in 2015. This summer, they were on the hunt for a new design agency to revitalise their brand.

The brief: transform The Broadway from a shopping destination into a leisure destination. The place to be in Bradford.

The only thing was, they wanted agencies to pitch in order to win the account. But ALLGOOD have never pitched before. It was uncharted territory.

When you’re totally new to something, you can bring a fresh perspective.
Something totally different. Something unique. Something special.
And that’s exactly what ALLGOOD did.

The addition of The Light Cinema and Pizza Express has brought new excitement to The Broadway and created the full day shopper experience. ALLGOOD wanted to bring the same sense of excitement and experience to their pitch. To bring it to life and take it to the next level.

So what did they do?
Well, they hired out an entire cinema screen of course.

What better way to pitch to The Broadway than on their own big screen.


On the day of the pitch, The Broadway team had no idea what was about to happen.

They were expecting an ordinary pitch. What they got was extraordinary.

Paul (ALLGOOD’s Director) turned up to the pitch empty handed. With no visible laptop, creative boards or even a member of the team, The Broadway team’s faces and expectations dropped. He’s come unprepared. This is going to be a disaster…

Paul simply said “I’d like to do things a bit differently today. I’ve got an idea… but I need you all to follow me”. The vibe instantly changed as an ordinary day at the office for The Broadway team took a different turn.

Paul lead them out of their offices to somewhere a bit more special… the cinema. As they entered, the penny dropped. Paul whipped out tickets to screen 5 and the Broadway Team entered the cinema, hired exclusively for them – the real VIP experience. They couldn’t hide their excitement, especially when they spotted popcorn and pop waiting for them at their seats.


Everyone sat down.

It was pitch black.

The scene was set.



An epic ‘movie trailer’ about ALLGOOD and their blockbuster ideas exploded onto the screen. The sound shook the cinema as ALLGOOD shook up and reimagined how to present a pitch – brave, bold and on the big screen.

Watch the trailer below

As the trailer finished and the lights drew up, Paul walked to the front… “Hello, welcome to our pitch.”

An unforgettable way to start a pitch. We felt sorry for the agencies who were up next!



The Broadway team were blown away and it’s needless to say ALLGOOD successfully won the account. Broadway’s Digital Marketing Co‑ordinator, Sophia Pathak, said:


“Allgood’s pitch went above and beyond the brief and surprised us from the very onset as Paul arrived at our offices empty handed – no laptop or USB in sight! He then asked us to follow him out of our offices in which we soon realised we were heading to The Light Cinema. We were each given retro style cinema tickets to an exclusive screening of ‘The Pitch: An Allgood Production’, complete with our names and Allgood branded popcorn and drinks on arrival, which I thought was a very nice touch! We were treated to a VIP experience from start to finish and the attention to detail was very impactful. 

As we took our seats an epic cinematic intro almost fooled us into think we were about to watch an action packed blockbuster! Presenting the pitch at The Light Cinema, cleverly touched on one of our creative brief’s main requirements which is to incorporate the cinema and leisure offering more prominently in our creative branding.

It was clear from the references to Allgood’s brainstorming and note taking sessions that they had done an impeccable amount of research. The substance of Allgood’s pitch equally matched its style and their unique creative routes wowed as much as the experience itself!”




We’re delighted for ALLGOOD and wish them every success in their future work with The Broadway.


In business it pays to think outside the box… and into the box office.


Check out the full case study here









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