30 Minutes a Day Keeps the Stress Away

The Story – You are a small business owner. It’s 6pm and you’re heading home to try and squeeze in some family time before opening the laptop up again later that evening.

You try to get to bed for 11pm, but there are still 5 things that you didn’t get round to today, like arranging travel for your Friday meeting, booking a meeting space for a new client session and liaising with the web developer. Not to mention following up leads and keeping on top of your existing customer service. You haven’t even had time to sort out the 1-1’s you have been meaning to for the past two months because you keep forgetting. The list is endless. And it happens time and time again.

Small business owners often feel they need to do everything themselves. It is a very common approach when funds might be tight. But what if you can save yourself 2.5 hours per week to concentrate on something big? That is the equivalent of 30 minutes a day. Not much you might think? You’d be surprised. Virtual business support can play a huge role in allowing you to expand your business and gain back control of your time. You are paying for the specific time spent on your business, which means it is great value for money.

We work with businesses to provide customer service, event management, recruitment processes and improve efficiency on all the things that aren’t your area of expertise. It makes a huge difference.

It allows you to brush your teeth before bed with the peace of mind that your day to day business is taken care of and you can spend tomorrow taking it to the next level. 30 minutes a day is all it takes.

Sarah Small
Virtual Business Support Manager


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