Client Case Study – Wharfe Valley Hearths

If there is anything you can count on in Britain, it’s that our summer will consist largely of rainy days where we are left gazing at the soggy lawn we had hoped to lay our picnic blankets on…  

Though summer picnics may be wishful thinking, our clients, Wharfe Valley Hearths, are here to brighten up your rainy days stuck inside. Leave your picnic blanket in the garage, and chuck a few logs on the fire instead, as you sit around one of Wharfe Valley’s gorgeous glass hearths. They’re enough to make you wish for winter!

As the UK’s leading retailer of contemporary designed hearths (the floor plates that sit underneath your fireplace), Wharfe Valley Hearths have a fantastic range of glass, sandstone and granite products to suit any home.

Have a little browse of their full range here.

Based in Yorkshire, they have a long standing involvement with the stove industry, owning Wharfe Valley Stoves as well as manufacturing their own fuel source. This, along with their qualifications in gas engineering, has made them true experts in the field, allowing them to span into various other sub-sectors of the stove market to provide customers with a wide range of quality products.

The hearths are available in a many different designs, shapes and colours, or they can create your very own bespoke design to match any requirement that you can dream up! All their glass is 12mm thick and toughened to withstand any wear and tear with ease, and their team of experts is always on hand to advise you on any queries you have.

To find out more about how Wharfe Valley Hearths can brighten up the rainy summer ahead, give them a call on 01937 859243 or visit


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