Not Just Networking – The Courageous Conversations Approach to Profitability

As a leader in your business it’s crucial that you can step up for those courageous conversations your business needs.

For our next event we are delighted to welcome Tilla Brook, Catalyst ?• Convener ?• Leader ?• Coach to introduce us to the crucial keys to Courageous Conversation.

Every courageous conversation that you avoid, or turn into a battle, has the potential to impact your quality, customer service, business efficiency, reputation AND profitability. And, of course, your stress levels!

In this talk you’ll learn the recipe to turn expectations into outcomes, avoidance into engagement and conflict into conversation.

Tilla Brook is a leadership coach and conversation starter. With over 15 years in leadership development with individuals and teams she knows what works. And what doesn’t. Most importantly, she understands why we continue to behave in ways that sabotage the outcomes we most want. She has a vast toolkit of tips and strategies to enable leaders to do more of what works.

Tilla is known as a coach who tells the truth, with humour and compassion. And a speaker who engages both heart and head. She’s a champion for leaders to be bigger, more chocolatey versions of themselves so they can create the business and life they want.

A participant on a Courageous Conversations workshop said “I now feel equipped to deal with those things at the bottom of my ‘to do’ list, that have sat there for ages, in need of a ‘courageous conversation’!”.

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