The 5 Benefits of Outsourcing

We love outsourcing here at Not Just Numbers.

I firmly believe the mantra that you should ‘hire experts and then get out their way’.

An outsourced expert brings knowledge, expertise, experience, new ideas and a whole bag of ‘things not to do’. The problem when you try and do everything yourself to save money, is that you often have no experience in what you’re trying to do. You make it up as you go along. Or you Google how to do it…

It’s a trial and error process that often costs more time and money in the long run, not just on things that go wrong, but on things that don’t accelerate you either. What people often forget is that an outsourced expert can really propel you along, much faster than when you do it alone. Having an expert outsourced ‘advisory’ board of people, will help you make better decisions and grow your business quicker.

Here are the Not Just Numbers 5 main benefits of outsourcing

1. More time to focus on your business

Outsource as many services as you can, so that you can concentrate on leading the business. If you are getting bogged down in the day-to-day running of the business, you can’t see the wood for the trees. Sometimes you need to climb to the top of tree and realise you’re in the wrong jungle!

A leader should be driving growth, spotting new channels to market to, setting up new products, working on key customer relations and developing staff. This is all impossible when the leader is writing marketing content, invoicing, dealing with repairs, chasing policies….

2. Allow the experts to take the strain

We all know that problems crop up. Whatever project you’re undertaking, there will be things to consider that you could never predict. Timescales change, deadlines move, people are people, costs spiral etc, and when you’re doing everything in house, it’s your time that gets stolen. Leave it to the experts to work it out, save you the time and hassle. Also, the experts have dealt with these projects a thousand times and can already predict the ebbs and flows of a brief.

3. It should reduce your stress levels

Lets face it, your main role is full of enough stressful things to think about. When you add in all the other jobs that you don’t want to pay for, then you are adding a huge amount of stress to your pile. And it’s often stress from jobs and responsibilities that you have no training in. No-one goes into business being trained in all the areas of running a business, the clever ones outsource to people who have had training.

4. It can change your business in ways you can’t predict

The main thing we’ve learned is that a true expert will add exponential results to your business. The time saving and stress reduction is great, but the real measure is in the growth they can bring to your business. We could have hired a designer to create a logo, but we hired a branding expert that totally changed how we approach our entire marketing. They doubled our spend, but within 3 weeks of our new website being launched we’d made it back. An expert has ideas you alone would never have thought of.

5. Your team are freed up to do their jobs properly

Another thing about trying to do everything in house, is that jobs are often delegated out to employees. Again with no prior training, just a desire to save costs. Gone are the days of doing only a narrow job role, we are all multi-taskers doing multiple roles and responsibilities. Wouldn’t it be great to free those key staff up to their job properly?


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