21st April 2016

Software in Focus – Tripcatcher

It’s time to discover the less taxing way to manage your business miles.
8th April 2016

It’s All Changed For Dividends

The dividend tax regime has changed. Did you know?
30th March 2016

The 11 Follow-ups You Should Always Do

This is the third post in our guest blogger series, written by Paul Dodd, Ideas Man from ALLGOOD. Paul is a branding and marketing expert, professional speaker and also the man behind the Not Just Numbers brand.
11th March 2016

Software in Focus – Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank removes the burden that bills, receipts and invoices place on businesses by extracting the key information for you - all you have to do is take a quick photo of them on your smart phone. Say goodbye to hours of manual data entry!
24th February 2016

Social Media is not just numbers!

The word social is crucial here – since when did we have a conversation with a friend and want a statistical analysis on that conversation? Yet […]
11th February 2016

Helping You Access Funding to Grow Your Business

With Xero and our approach to systems, you have instant access to detailed management reports. These can be utilised to help you get access to funding when you need it.
3rd February 2016

Client Case Study – The Yorkshire Garden Designer

This is our first blog in a series of client case studies, we’re delighted to feature the brilliant Sally Tierney, the Yorkshire Garden Designer.
26th January 2016

Software in Focus – Spotlight Reporting

Not Just Numbers are Super VCFO partners of Spotlight Reporting - the dashboard, forecasting and reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with Xero.
13th January 2016

Have you got annual profit goals? Monthly profit goals? Weekly profit goals? Daily profit goals?

After the reflection of December and what you managed to achieve in the previous year, we all naturally look towards a fresh start. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and decide what you want from the next 52 weeks.
22nd December 2015

A Spotlight on Debbie

Spotlight Reporting recently did a series of video interviews with their Super VCFO partners….and we happened to be one of the first! We love Spotlight here […]
9th December 2015

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

This is the first post in our guest blogger series, written by Gary King, Director of Tendo and all round sales guru. Gary has helped shape the sales strategy of Not Just Numbers, and he seriously knows his stuff…
30th November 2015

The Self Assessment deadline is coming soon!

Your Turkey dinner plans are at risk of being rudely interrupted by the HMRC if you haven’t started thinking about submitting your Self Assessment tax return yet. The January 31st 2016 deadline is fast approaching, and the taxman waits for no one.
18th November 2015

Not Just Networking – The Courageous Conversations Approach to Profitability

As a leader in your business it’s crucial that you can step up for those courageous conversations your business needs. For our next event we are delighted to welcome Tilla Brook, Catalyst Ÿ• Convener Ÿ• Leader Ÿ• Coach to introduce us to the crucial keys to Courageous Conversation.
10th November 2015

A Better Way To Invoice

Who enjoys chasing up invoices? No one – that’s who. It’s time-consuming, relentless and adds an extra bundle of unfriendly stress to your already daunting workload. Fortunately for you, the team over at Chaser has the perfect solution to your invoicing woes.
29th October 2015

Do people actually know what you do?

How often do you talk about business with siblings, uncles, aunties, partners and best friends? This was one of the questions posed in our third Not Just Networking event.
9th October 2015

Auto Enrolment. Are you ready?

Over the next year, tens of thousands of small employers will need to be ready to meet their Automatic Enrolment responsibilities. Are you ready?
1st September 2015

Not Just Networking. The Chaos Theory of Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

After the success of our second Not Just Networking event (see blog post here), we can’t wait for our next event hosted by the always entertaining Paul Dodd.
24th August 2015

Not Just Camping. A Jolly Good Day.

Let us introduce you to our wonderful clients, Jollydays, who put the ‘Glam’ into ‘Glamping’, and are about to welcome you into a whole new world of luxurious camping.
6th August 2015

Not Just Networking. Creating Extra-Ordinary Connections.

How often do you yearn for a deeper connection with a colleague, a potential client or business partner?
21st July 2015

Using third party integrations in Xero

We love using add-ons for Xero. It makes your life easier. It makes our life easier. And by saving time, you can concentrate on growing your business...
2nd July 2015

Seamless Accounting and Payroll Now in Xero

It’s now easier than ever to process payroll and pay your staff. All our clients are now using the ground-breaking Xero accounting package, and with the recent introduction of payroll functions it means compliance is simple with instant RTI reporting to HMRC...
22nd June 2015

Not Just Blogging. It’s a place to keep at the forefront of accountancy and more.

Welcome to the new blog section of Not Just Numbers. It’s not just a blog, it’s a place for our clients and contacts to keep up-to-date […]